of Dirt & Grace



the name couldnt have been more apt than this.

my heart was so overwhelmed when watching and singing along to the song – indeed a powerful one with lyrics that are definitely Spirit-inspired.

I have come to see that profound things happen when we pay attention; when we realign our focus back unto Jesus – what He said, what He did, where He went, what He saw, what He heard, what He felt, and what He desired & burdened for…

I love my Prince of Peace.






(On a totally different vibe, but still so beautiful)


Doable Things

1. At least once every day I shall look steadily up at the sky & remember that I, a consciousness with a conscience, am on a planet travelling in space with wonderfully mysterious things above & about me.

2. Instead of the accustomed idea of a mindless & endless evolutionary change to which we can neither add nor subtract, I shall suppose the universe guided by an Intelligence which, as Aristotle said of Greek drama, requires a beginning, a middle, & an end. I think this will save me from the cynicism expressed by Bertrand Russell before his death, when he said: “There is darkness without, & when I die there will be darkness within. There is no splendour, no vastness anywhere, only triviality for a moment, & then nothing.”

3. I shall not fall into falsehood that this day, or any day, is merely another ambiguous & plodding twenty-four hours, but rather a unique event, filled, if I so wish, with worthy potentialities. I shall not be fool enough to suppose that trouble & pain are wholly evil parentheses in my existence, but just as likely ladders to be climbed toward moral & spiritual manhood.

4. I shall not turn my life into a thin, straight line which prefers abstractions to reality. I shall know what I am doing when I abstract, which of course I shall often have to do.

5. I shall not demean my own uniqueness by envy of others. I shall stop boring into myself to discover what psychological or social categories I might belong to. Mostly I shall simply forget about myself and do my work.

6. I shall open my eyes & ears. Once every day I shall simply stare at a tree, a flower, a cloud, or a person. I shall not then be concerned at all to ask what they are but simply be glad that they are. I shall joyfully allow them the mystery of what Lewis calls their “divine, magical, terrifying & ecstatic” existence.

7. I shall sometimes look back at the freshness of vision I had in childhood & try, at least for a little while, to be, in the words of Lewis Carroll, the “child of the pure unclouded brow, & dreaming eyes of wonder.”

8. I shall follow Darwin’s advice & turn frequently to imaginative things such as good literature & good music, preferably, as C.S. Lewis suggests, an old book & timeless music.

9. I shall not allow the devilish onrush of this century to usurp all my energies but will instead, as Charles Williams suggested, “fulfil the moment as the moment.” I shall try to live well just now because the only time that exists is now.

10. Even if I turn out to be wrong, I shall bet my life on the assumption that this world is not idiotic, neither run by an absentee landlord, but that today, this very day, some stroke is being added to the cosmic canvas that in due course I shall understand with joy as a stroke made by the architect who calls himself Alpha & Omega.


[ Clyde Kilby’s Resolutions, quoted by John Piper ]



My soul sings

How I love You


Oh but how that pales in comparison

with how You show Your love Abba


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It’s impossible to describe, just how overwhelming it is, to witness a shooting star on an airplane, just as I was saying thank you to the Creator as I marvel at His amazing works.

I cannot even begin to describe just how loved I felt… being so near to such indescribable beauty.




waiting: so that there’s more of You

So that there’s more of You and less of me.

So that faith arises.

So that You can be wholly, completely, undoubtedly, be glorified, honoured, and deservingly praised.





I’ve been hearing and reading the Lazarus story a fair bit this 2weeks.


And I’ve heard of it before, many many times,

this simple story which speaks volumes about Jesus’s love,

heard & read them, together with other giants’ stories,

and understood all about this idea of how God works and moves through waiting…

And honestly I don’t exactly like talking about it, let alone write about it, because it sure does make it seem like I’m (for lack of a better word) desperate.

But I always do feel that the waiting process (as painful as it is), is absolutely beautiful.


Because it truly is a most humbling process from God. It is a progressive-buildup-manyparts kind of lesson but yet when you’re in the lesson itself, its an endless tunnel.

I have waited for too many things in life, and I know God is still making me wait for a good many things/ events too, and there are definitely more waiting processes in the future as well. I dare say I still utterly hate it, of course as a normal human being I do, but yet I can’t deny loving it more and more, because I know God is moving, and He is in no hurry at all to show me His ultimate beauty in His time. How can I ever learn lessons, and become who I am today, without those painful processes? He has shown me again and again, the need for waiting, the need to learn to see and understand things from different perspectives, and of course, the importance of gaining patience, trust, endurance, perseverance, and above all, humility.


I’ve sang and cried along to Corrinne May’s Everything In Its Time over the years, and till today it doesn’t lose its relevance and impact. The issue of Waiting, for all kind of things, seasons, reasons, is something everyone can identify with.

To learn to let go… to learn patience… Its a lifetime-worth type of lesson indeed



You remind me

Of things forgotten

You unwind me

Until I’m totally undone

And with Your arms around me

Fear was no match for Your love

Now You’ve won me


And if I lived a thousand lifetimes

And wrote a song for every day

Still there would be no way to say

How You have loved me


Oh, how You love me


And that’s how You’ve won me

Thank You for Mercy


So I will wake

And spend my days

Loving the One who has raised me up


From death to life

From wrong to right

You’re making all things beautiful







The more I seek You the more I find You

The more I find You the more I love You


This love is so deep

Its more than I can stand

I melt in Your peace

Its overwhelming


Oh its overwhelming




All I want is just to know Your Heart

Oh won’t You keep me here until we’re one


King of My Heart


Let the King of my heart

Be the mountain where I run

The fountain I drink from

Oh, He is my Song


Let the King of my heart

Be the shadow where I hide

The ransom for my life

Oh, He is my song


You are good, good, oh


Let the King of my heart

Be the wind inside my sails

The anchor in the waves

Oh, He is my song


Let the King of my heart

Be the fire inside my veins

The echo of my days

Oh, He is my song


You are good, good, oh


You’re never gonna let

Never gonna let me down


When the night is holding on to me

God is holding on



sometimes, apart from chanting You are good repeatedly, oh, I really don’t know what else to say

You shall always be the King of my heart.        

Love You YHWH     <3