Thank God for MRT :)

28 Jan
As I randomly landed on Channel News Asia & stayed to watch SG+, it further accumulates onto a few random ponderings I’ve been having with regards to this country.

As expats & foreign workers consistently flock over, resulting in many locals complaining about plenty of problems that thus arises, I wonder about the issue of xenophobia & I once again, find myself rechecking my own feelings about my own country.

There’re plenty of blogs & status updates on various blogs & social platforms voicing (often very critical) thoughts & ideas.

I didn’t want to add on more because there are a lot of very comprehensive & extremely well written ideas floating around in the net.

Besides, I really hesitate in voicing my opinions on such sensitive issues. I am neither gonna stand here nor there (I just don’t find any one side being better than the other.)

I’ve been led to write, simply because I felt the need to give thanks.

These couple of days sees me constantly struck with a sense of gratefulness for this country despite the increasing (in both) amount & level of drama(s) happening.

To think about it, whenever one pauses to consider certain issues, it’s just natural to be simply thankful for many things. One should train oneself to always be thankful.

I was on the train & I was reminded of how wonderful it is that our late president Mr Ong Teng Cheong, brilliantly brought in & implemented the idea of this new transport system – the MRT. Indeed the MRT has brought about ‘a better life for all of us’. I am glad he won the debate & successfully introduced one of the best investments that truly bettered the lives of Singaporeans.

All the hiccups aside, I am just simply thankful for the very existence of the rail-based system.

After 20 over years, we seem to have grown so accustomed to this mode of transport; we don’t realize how amazing this system, all in all, truly is. (Just for a moment, imagine how life would be like without it? People who don’t take trains got to be thankful still, simply for the reduction of crowds on the roads.)

I just want to appreciate Mr Ong. I always admire this great ex-president. Apart from being an awesome & admirable person, I appreciate him best for being a man of integrity. (No doubt him being architecturally trained is another added factor to his coolness! :D)


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