Month: March 2014

Does having choice make us happy? 6 studies that suggest it doesn’t always

i honestly dislike making choices.
Its a pain in the rear because i utterly hate how it seeds doubt inside of me. I’m highly indecisive & i believe it has got something to do with how i have some sort of a ‘perfectionistic’ approach towards how i do things. not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing to dislike being in the driver’s seat; especially towards crucial decisions. i have also wondered, whether this has got something to do with my gender. Females were created to help; to submit; to aid… Males were created to be the head of the house. So i have been brought up in such an environment & by people who have such views & attitude.
If I very much prefer it to be this way. to be in the passenger seats most of the time, is it okay?

TED Blog

We have all been there: standing in aisle five of the supermarket trying to decide which jar of mustard to buy. Do we go organic, or for the brand with whole mustard seeds? Or do we simply pick the one in the brightest yellow bottle?

In a fascinating talk at TEDxStanford, “Sometimes it’s good to give up the driver’s seat,” marketing professor Baba Shiv reveals that discomfort over making choices extends into medical decisions. Five years ago, Shiv’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The most harrowing and agonizing part of the whole experience was that we were making decision after decision,” Shiv shares in his talk. “The wisdom of the ages is that when it comes to decisions of importance, it’s best to be in charge. But are there contexts where we’re far better off taking the passenger seat and having someone else drive?”

Shiv decided…

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