Please Don’t Bring the Cultural Wars to Singapore

Faith, Music, Politics, Gastronomy

“The homosexuals are on the march on this country. Please remember: homosexuals do not reproduce! They recruit! And, many of them are after my children and your children.”

-Jerry Falwell, August 1981

If am reading the signs correctly (at least, according to my Facebook feed), it seems that homosexuals — of the strident, morally-corrupting kind — are on the march in Singapore. This year’s Pink Dot rally gathered a historic crowd of 26,000; the recent decision by the National Library Board to remove and pulp ostensibly LGBT-themed children books, which might have been quietly acquiesced — or even supported — by a previous generation, was greeted with outrage, prompting a backlash from netizens and the local intelligentsia. Just as Falwell predicted for the U.S. thirty years ago, these omens are now proof that homosexuality has invaded our shores, requiring us to draw up battle lines, reject the LGBT agenda, and…

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