Another reminder to be humble. (& to leave this comfort zone, aka a city, one day)

I couldn’t help crying but this is more than just another TED video that stirred up thoughts & feelings inside of me.


Ms Thio Li-Ann once said this in one of the talks I was blessed to be able to attend – that God always keeps the best for Himself.

And Dr Tan Lai Yong is clearly one such person God is using to do wonderful things. I’ve posted something about him earlier this year, but he’s always in my mind even though I barely know him.

As I keep hearing about & seeing, and even meeting, people who are striving to be successful in their lives, sometimes I find myself, just too out of place… sometimes I just can’t stop questioning myself about where I am right now; my motives; or even, the lack-of certain motives…



8 months more. I need to start looking around, planning, and the crucial part, saving up, to beyond just leaving to head somewhere to help people (because I am still troubled by worries such as, where should I go, what area should I go into, & whether I am equipped enough… these sounds like selfish questions, but “Which area/ place/ people needs help most” sounds just plain terrible & insulting…)

But it really is more of a learning process, it always is…

Of course I have some very rough ideas in mind but… till more doors open, I shall take time to really pray about it.


All I know is I need to


Go to the people

Live among them

Love them

Start with what they know

Build on what they have

But for the best leaders, when their task is accomplished, their work is done, the people will remark,

“We have done it ourselves.”

Lao Tze


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